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We provide you with all the knowledge you need for optimal Privacy and Security.

Welcome to InvisibleUser! Your survival guide for privacy in the digital world. We provide you with all the information you need to improve InfoSec, ITSEC, OPSEC and any other Sec. InvisibleUser is a student project with editors from many different European and Asian countries.

We have developed this guide to give less tech-savvy users an easy introduction to cyber security and a guide for internet privacy. The goal is to make you comfortable in handling security software, but not to overtax you with too many technical details. It has to be simple and easy, so the texts are short with many pictures. A wise man once said:

“It is better for you to read 10 pages, than not read 50 pages!” — Quoted freely from “Think Python” by Allen B. Downey

Therefore, we try to explain everything in simple terms, but we avoid oversimplifying important details. This is not ELI5 from Reddit. We provide images and links to short videos throughout the chapters of this website.

Anti-surveillance tactics and knowledge about privacy and anonymity have to be taught in a user-friendly way to make sure, that people without an IT background can take advantage of them. That includes, for example:

  • Journalists in authoritarian regimes
  • Whistleblowers that need to transfer documents in a safe way to avoid interception
  • Privacy advocates who do not think that governments have the right to watch everything that citizens do
  • And lastly, average people who want to make sensible choices when it comes to their own privacy, online as well as offline

We want that as many people as possible to be educated about privacy and anonymity in the digital world, so feel free to share this website with you friends. We write the website in a blog format and it will be updated if new privacy software is released or existing programs are updated.

Everything you will read here, is work in progress. If you are of the opinion that we forgot something important or you encounter wrong information or typos, please let us know on Twitter. Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Do not hesitate to do so, if you find wrong information or if something is unclear. We are only human and greatly appreciate your feedback. English is not the native language of most of the authors, so feel free to make suggestions if something could be formulated more precisely.

We really do care whether people like the content and want to read our blog, not because we are hungry for clicks. We do not run ads, so we do not make money with clicks anyway.

The reason why we want people to read our website is that we think it is important to inform as many as possible about what is going on in the digital world. Unfortunately, data collection and surveillance are everywhere, in 2019.

Our main “inspiration” for this website were the Vault 7 and 8 leaks from Wikileaks.org. If you have not heard of them, those are leaked source code files and the documentation for a whole arsenal of cyber weapons and surveillance tools from the CIA. After reading through the documents, we just had to come up with defences, since you have to protect your privacy in a world, where governments use cyber weapons against the people. This is only a small blog, but we try our best to teach you about methods that at least make it harder for intelligence agencies, governments and companies to track you.

You will notice soon, we are not the most agreeable people in the world. If a company, law enforcement, a politician or an executive is responsible for invading people’s privacy, we will not be polite to them. In fact, we will warn the world and in the process, probably insult them, since they deserve no better!

This site is for respectable adults, not snowflakes and children!

We wish you all the best and hope that you will find our blog helpful! 🙂