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Welcome to the first chapter of the guide. “The Journey is the Reward”, so let us begin! This is the introduction to the Privacy and Security Guide and teaches you how to use it.

Our Privacy and Security Guide can be read either from start to finish or you can read chapters you are interested in individually. The posts are designed to be easy to understand without knowledge from previous sections. When information from other chapters is needed, we will place a link to the article.

The topics we cover are grouped together into categories. We might add new ones in the future. Currently, our main topics are:

Operating systems and Basics: In this category, we will explain basic concepts. You will learn about computers, but also the most important rules of privacy and security. Operating systems (OSs) are also in this category, since they are low-level (close to the hardware) and are the systems that actually turn your computer and its circuits into something you can use. All additional security measures are built on top of your OS.
Internet Privacy: All technologies related to computer networks, web applications and software that uses the internet is collected in this section. We will explain the World Wide Web (WWW), which is what most people call “internet”, but also other networks.
Communication Privacy: Everything related to communication, from text-based chats and emails to calls, voice or video chat can be found here. A large part of this category is about encrypted communication.
Free and Open-source Software: As you will see in this guide, we are big fans of free (as in freedom) software, its benefits and examples of good programs will be introduced here.

There might be a lot of text and new information, which could look a bit overwhelming, but the most important tips are highlighted and we do our best to give chapters a clear structure. We provide images and short videos throughout the guide. If you like this guide, read small portions of one or two chapters every day. By doing this your cybersecurity and surveillance prevention skills will improve in no time!

In the beginning, all the new techniques you learn might feel a bit inconvenient and you will be tempted to stop using all those new security and privacy capabilities that you have acquired. But after some time, it will feel very natural to communicate and use the internet in a secure manner. Your sleep will also improve, because you have to worry much less about being watched.

If you are critical of big internet companies, governments, authorities, the police, data collection, social networks, internet service providers, smart gadgets, personal assistants, instant messengers, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat, you have come to the right place. Stay with us to learn all about privacy and security on PC and mobile.

On the other hand: If you belong to the group of people that love the current state of the digital world and like its convenience with account synchronisation, filter bubbles and personalised ads, then you are wrong on this site. Go back to or and share your data with their AI algorithms to help them build a detailed record of your activities in the digital world.

This guide tries to give you all tools and techniques that you will need, but even after reading every section of this guide, there is much more to discover. Stay curious and dive into a topic that really interests you by doing your own research.

Our comprehensive guide is work in progress. It should be seen as an introduction and cannot cover all available information there is in the big field of digital privacy and cybersecurity, but we do our best. We are always open for suggestions, so do not hesitate to contact us with referenve to the respective article. This website is completely in English, but since our team is international, some links will refer to non-English websites in Dutch, French, Spanish and German.


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